We can proactively identify and address application issues before they occur, preventing impacts on employee productivity and customer loyalty.

Help Desk Services

Harwood Consulting can deliver 24x7x365 support and help desk services for your business applications where you need them, when you need them. Your staff and end users have phone, email and web access to a highly trained team, ensuring they stay productive and have minimal downtime and disruptions.

Application Monitoring

Gain complete control of your application environment with end-to-end management that the Application Monitoring Service from Harwood Consulting can deliver.

We can provide a platform with real-time visibility into user performance with no blind spots. You can now see everything in your application environment, act with a new found certainty, and then know how your application performance is affecting your business.

We can provide insights into end user experiences, application performance, network and server performance, database performance, infrastructure capacity and more.

Our Approach

We look to the ITIL approach, which considers the service desk to be the central point of contact between service providers and users on a day-to-day basis. It is also a focal point for reporting incidents (disruptions or potential disruptions in service availability or quality) and for users making service requests (routine requests for services).

We adopt a user-centered approach which is designed to provide the user with an informed single point of contact for all IT requirements. We seek to facilitate the integration of business processes into the service management infrastructure. In addition to actively monitoring and owning Incidents and user questions, and providing the communications channel for other activities such as customer change requests.

For any development work required to support the managed service capability we will provide a 30-day warranty period during which time, should an incident arise because of the newly deployed changes, the effort to resolve the incident shall not result in professional services fees or charges. If it is deemed the incident was not due to newly deployed changes then the effort to resolve the incident will result in professional services fees and charges.


We provide a Single Point of Contact (“SPOC”) to meet the communication needs of both users and IT staff, and try to satisfy both customer and IT objectives.

Service Desk Portal, Email or Phone are the methods of communication we offer. Communications are logged in our CRM and Service Desk portal to help ensure our team track conversation and record action when its required.

We also request a single point of contact from the client to ensure communication is managed centrally to prevent lack of visibility and to manage communication to other client stakeholders.

Communication will be available and serviced 24/7/365.

Software Used

We use JIRA Service Desk (Cloud) to manage the Incident process for our managed services offering.

Logging incidents can be done via the JIRA Service Desk Link, Email or Phone to one of our consultants.


The deliverables for our managed services offering are listed below,

  • • Monthly Report of Incidents Logged and Resolved
  • • Monthly Report of Application Log Analysis and Recommendations
  • • Monthly Report of Time Spent Servicing Incidents and Requests
  • • Monthly Report of Application Analytics